Vape POS System

Electronic Cigarette Merchant Account

We Make It Easy

With the fast and upcoming Vape industry, Pay2Amigo POS provides a comprehensive product to meet every need. Our Vape POS system is the perfect fit for the Vapor Industry. We provide advanced solutions with features most desired by these business owners. With our software you’ll have complete visibility on every aspect of the operation; monitor and control employee activities seamlessly, create and track customer purchases and order history, and even implement customer loyalty and gift card processing.

Stay on Top of Your Business

Employee security always remains a point of concern for managers and owners. With our vapor point of sale solution, you will have the control to assign specific and detailed security level functionality to employees on an individual or job code basis. Know when and why an employee opens a cash drawer without a sale. In addition to the employee permissions our software will integrate with most camera surveillance DVRs. So, you can see exactly what an employee is always up to. You can even monitor all of this from a remote location with this e-cigarette POS.

Inventory Control

With Inventory customization and control you’ll be able to add all your products, flavors, services and track when it was sold, to whom, when you’re low in stock, and even reorder from your vendors. No other eCig point of sale can compare with this level of functionality and ease of use. If you own a vape business, we have the best point of sale at the best price.

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