Tobacco Point of Sale System by Pay2AmigosTOBACCO POS SYSTEM

Have What Your Customers Want

Inventory Management is a critical function of any tobacco store enterprise. Buy too little inventory and customers are disappointed to find out their favorite stick or blend isn’t available. Buy too much of the wrong products and you can easily wreak havoc on the company’s books. Pay2Amigos POS System includes comprehensive Inventory Management functionality that allows you to import existing inventory, track Case Break Inventory, set low stock alerts, and manage all vendor relationships from a single point. The carton-back inventory feature tracks individual cigar and cigarette pack stock levels when boxes and cartons are opened for sale.

Stay Focused on Strategic Business Initiatives

At the end of a busy day when you finally kick back and enjoy that vintage Rocky Patel, you want to know that your business is running smoothly. Our Tobacco POS System is designed for this very purpose – to help streamline your tobacco business operation, so that you can stay focused on higher level decisions, thereby providing increased value to your customers and driving consistent sales and income growth.

Even A Scale

You can’t sell loose leaf tobacco without a scale. At Pay2Amigos we’ve got you covered. Pay2Amigos POS System comes with a complete hardware setup, which includes a touchscreen computer, cash drawer, barcode scanner, receipt printer, barcode label printers, and electronic scale. The barcode label printer comes in handy when printing customized labels for individual cigars.

Know Your Customers Better

Pay2Amigos Tobacco Point of Sale system includes a robust customer database that tracks your customer’s buying habits and empowers you to develop marketing campaigns that target those habits. The Customer Database allows you to create customized Loyalty Programs, take detailed customer notes, and track order history. With reports, Pay2Amigos software solution helps you turn this valuable data into executable business strategy.

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