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Servers, Hosts & Kitchen Staff all In-Sync

Taking phone orders, table orders, delivery orders, mobile orders and even online orders, and then keeping your hosts, servers, delivery staff, and kitchen staff all on the same page can be a gargantuan task.

Pay2Amigos Thai Restaurant POS Solution is designed to bring order to the chaos. No matter if the order originates on the phone, at the table, by mobile device or online, it will be routed immediately to the kitchen staff without delay, and you can sort open orders by TYPE, so you know exactly how many delivery, table or pick-up orders are in process at any time.

Multi-Language Functionality

Your kitchen and wait staff don’t have to speak the same language. Pay2Amigos Thai POS intelligent language functionality enables your wait staff to enter orders in English, for instance, and they can be processed in the kitchen in Thai, or any other language. In addition, menu items can be identified by picture, which removes the need for language communication altogether. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Manage Your Delivery Drivers

Deliveries often constitute a material percentage of thai restaurant orders. Managing deliveries, and especially delivery drivers, can be a challenging task. Pay2Amigos Thai POS Solution includes functionality to manage deliveries, so you can assign deliveries, generate directions, track delivery drivers, and monitor all payment activity.

Complete Accounting & Reporting

Pay2Amigos Thai Restaurant POS Solution includes a robust accounting system that integrates with QuickBooks and most other accounting systems. This enables you to seamlessly integrate your existing account system. Pay2Amigos robust data analysis engine will produce dozens of reports to inform you on your restaurant’s performance, so that you can modify strategy and drive increased sales.

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