Sushi Restaurant POS System

Pay2Amigos Sushi Restaurant POS System Is Here!Sushi Restaurant POS

Efficient Operations

Pay2Amigos POS Solution may not be able to add a 25th hour to your day, but we sure can slow the day down and make sure you accomplish more. One of the most challenging aspects of a sushi restaurant is order flow. When you have orders flying in from tables, phone calls, mobile devices and online entries, it can get messy. Pay2Amigos POS Solution makes it easy by routing orders directly to the kitchen without delay, and you can sort orders by TYPE at any point, to see exactly how many orders are open for tables, delivery, or pickup.

Language Barrier Bridge

Pay2Amigos Sushi Restaurant POS Solution enables your wait staff to take orders in English and relay them to the kitchen in Japanese automatically. This reduces human error and ensures your team is on the same page. In addition, there is also the option to submit orders from the menu by picture, which removes the language component altogether.

Inventory Control

Managing inventory is a challenge for any restaurant. You don’t want to run out of Salmon Sashimi or the ingredients for your best-selling Cherry Blossom Roll. Pay2Amigos Sushi POS smart Inventory Management System always enables you to track inventory at the ingredient-level to ensure you’re on top of it. You can also manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard and generate and receive purchase orders.

Theft Protection

Whether its theft of cash, food or employees submitting fraudulent time cards, Pay2Amigos Sushi Restaurant POS Solution is designed to keep you on top of every aspect of your business, so that your team is always kept accountable. Keep track of every penny in and every penny out and set, manage and track employee schedules to ensure everyone on your team is accountable and playing their part.

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