Sandwich Shop POS System

Sandwich Shop POS System Is Here!Sandwich Shop POS System

Keep the Lines Moving Fast

A successful sandwich shop must strike a balance between putting care into the preparation of each sandwich or entree and doing so in as short a period as possible. The bulk of your customers visit during the rush hour periods because they need a quick, convenient meal. They don’t have time to wait. Pay2Amigos Sandwich Shop Point of Sale Solution will put you in position to succeed. Our intuitive Order Entry System and lightning fast checkout process will have your wait staff processing orders and serving customers in record time.

Customer Engagement

Building and growing a base of committed customers that grow to become fans is a cornerstone of success for every winning sandwich shop. Pay2Amigos Sandwich Shop POS Solution will help you accomplish this. You can create customer profiles of your frequent patrons, so you know their typical orders, design Customer Loyalty Programs to incentivize the return, and market directly to those who opt-in to be contacted by your shop.

Mobile Revolution

Mobile devices have changed the way we do business. Join the revolution and offer your customers lightning fast checkout and a more personalized service. During traffic spikes, one of your wait staff can break the line by going out on the floor and taking the point of sale directly to customers waiting in line. In addition, the mobile functionality makes it easy to host tasting events in the local community. Also, you can us our Pay at the Table Feature to turn tables faster and secure!

Inventory Management

The days of stressing out over missing ingredients or running out of items during rush hour are over. Pay2Amigos intelligent Sandwich Shop Point of Sale Inventory Management System allows you to track inventory at the ingredient-level, in real-time, so you are always in the know. Set low stock alerts, manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

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