Salon POS System


Engage Your Customers

Pay2Amigo’s Salon Point of Sale Solution is designed with your business and your customers in mind. Our CRM functionality allows you to create individual profiles for your repeat customers, so you can capture important client information, such as product likes/dislikes, buying habits, and other details. Then, turn this information into a powerful targeted marketing campaigns via email, phone, or physical mail to drive customer engagement. In addition, you can design customized Customer Loyalty Programs to incentivize your repeat customers and reward those that frequent your establishment. A successful business is built one loyal customer at a time, and we’ll help you do that.

Complete Business Solution

Collect and process payments, set and manage employee schedules, go mobile and take the point of sale to customers anywhere in the store, manage inventory at the product-level, set low stock alerts to ensure you never run out of hot-selling items, generate and receive purchase orders, manage your entire accounting system and produce dozens of reports to analyze your company’s performance. Our system has you covered.

Remote Management

You can’t be everywhere, all the time. Pay2Amigo’s Salon Point of Sale Solution helps you stay on top of your business when you take that well-deserved vacation, or if you’re just out of the office for a few hours. Our web-based platform allows you to stay on top of every aspect of your business, track manager and employee performance in real-time, and continue to manage your business remotely.

Manage Multiple Locations

Pay2Amigo’s Salon POS is designed to grow with you. As your business grows, so will your technology needs. With Pay2Amigo’s POS Solution, you won’t be shopping for a more robust system. We’ve got you covered. Managing multiple locations is simple. You can manage all your stores from a single dashboard, so you can see inventory-levels and financial metrics at the organization-level to help you stay organized and on top of your growing enterprise.

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