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The recent strong winds in South Eastern United States  showed that the resulting power outages could severely impact those without the necessary precautions even outside the affected area.  It is not just storms,it can effect your Point of Sales System.

No power in my  Business

Don’t worry. Power Outage, There’s a solution.

A UPS is what every retail business should invest. It will protect not just power outages; a decent UPS also stops brown-outs and most surges too (see explanation below for those that want the technical details) and Download How to Prepare your Business for Power Outages Guide.Below.


In many ways, surges are the worst because they can physically destroy a computer system. I have seen a surge that was so big it caused a monitor to explode, and the damage from the flying glass was so significant that broke the front window, hurt severely one of the staff and thus closed the shop for a few days.

In uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is primarily used to provide a backup power source to your computer and other devices plugged into it.

In addition to acting as a backup when the power goes out, most UPS devices also act as power “conditioners” by ensuring that the electricity flowing to your computer and accessories is free from drops or surges. If a computer is not receiving a consistent flow of electricity, damage, such as database corruption can and often does occur.

While a UPS system is not a required device to complete a POS System ,including one as part of yours is always recommended. The need for a reliable supply of electricity is often overlooked.
Once you’ve made the decision to add a UPS to your POS there are a few things you should do to ensure you don’t lose your data the next time a thunderstorm strikes.

Connect the data cable and install the UPS software. This is a critical step. If you install a UPS but don’t complete the setup, the UPS will provide limited protection — it’ll kick in during a power loss, but if power doesn’t return promptly, eventually the battery in the UPS will run down and your POS will lose power anyway. The data cable and software allows your UPS to tell your POS to shut down gracefully.

Configure the software. This isn’t a difficult step, but it is important since it lets you specify how long the battery backup should run before shutting down.

Test your battery occasionally. Every few months, you should start the UPS software and run a self-test. This lets you see how healthy the battery is and determine if it’s time to replace it. If the battery’s capacity is so low that it can’t carry your POS for even a minute, for example, it’ll do you no good in a power failure and you’ll lose data anyway.

One point, I must stress, if you have a UPS, you need to check that it works regularly, that means every month, stop the power and see how it behaves. UPS often appear to work even when broken.

The main problems with power and POS Systems, in my experience, are these. They can all be linked for example .

Spikes generally happen when something like a lift engine breaks. What you get is a sudden increase in power. For a very short time, what you see is a dramatic increase in power. This can fry computer components. Then you get a  Blackout when you get no power as everything gone down. But while the Blackout is happening the computer experiences a major drop in voltage. This is called a Brownout. What this does is create a short burst of voltage in the computer to compensate. This burst can ruin the computer instantly.

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