Pet Supply POS System

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Let Customers Know You Care

Pet owners love their pets. When a local pet owner visits your pet store, and you’re able to pull up their dog’s name, breed, food preference and other personalized information, it shows the pet owner that you and your store, your brand, really care about their pet. This goes a long way to building your business and establishing a strong base of loyal customers. With Pay2Amigo’s Pet Supply POS this is made easy. Once you capture information in Pay2Amigo’s System, you can retrieve it anywhere, anytime.

Have the Right Inventory

Pay2Amigo’s Inventory Management System makes it easy to manage your inventory with intelligence. Keep track of what’s selling and what’s not, set low stock alerts so you never run out of hot items, and manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard. You can then utilize this inventory management data in order to design targeted marketing and sales campaigns to offload inventory and drive increased sales.

Loyalty Programs

The pet supply business is dependent on repeat customers. You want your customers to come to your store for all their pet supply needs. Designing Loyalty Programs that reward your repeat customers is a proven method of building a strong brand and increased revenue over time. Pay2Amigo’s Pet POS System makes it easy to design Loyalty Programs and incentivize your customers to make your store their number one choice.


Pay2Amigo’s Pet POS Software Solution offers an iPad-based mobile hardware option that turns your point of sale registers into fully mobile workstations. You can now take the point of sale to your customers anywhere in the store, or at exhibits and trade shows. In addition, the system is cloud-based and allows you to manage every aspect of your business on the go.

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