Payment Packages

We offer a diverse array of payment processing options, hand-tailored for your business.

From small businesses to nonprofits, brick-and mortar retailers to online storefronts, your business helps fuel a thriving and widespread economy, and your payment needs are equally as diverse. At Pay2Amigos, we appreciate that every business is unique with its own benefits and challenges, and we offer various processing packages to suit your vast array of professional needs.


Every payment processing plan offered by Pay2Amigos is specially curated for businesses of various size and specialty. We understand that a business catering to government clientele will have different needs than an online marketplace. Our approach to plan matching and pricing is entirely dependent on your needs. Pay2Amigos is built on integrity, and we will never try to sell you something that isn’t a good fit for your business and customers. Looking to reduce your processing costs? We’re here to help.

Need help choosing a plan? Pay2Amigos offers complimentary consultation services.
Here’s how the process works:

1. After initial contact, our team will work with you to learn about your business. Our consultations are extremely thorough and designed to help us ascertain your specific needs as a company so that we can provide informed suggestions.

2. Our experts will then suggest one of our three plans that best fits your company.

3. We can also compare perks to your existing financial processing structure, showing you the benefits of switching to Pay2Amigos.

Entry Payment Processing Package

The Entry package is specially designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses looking to revamp their current system. Entry level processing options are easy to use and built to withstand the test of time.

Business-Tier Processing Package

Our Business-Tier package is tailored for professionals looking for extra security and optional features. Pay2Amigos provides the same streamlined functionality at the Business level, with a few extra perks to take your sales to the next level and increase your customer satisfaction scores.

Professional Payment Processing Package

The Professional package combines all the functionality of the previous packages with additional, innovative security options designed specifically for businesses operating on a larger scale. Utilize our services to increase billing efficiency and upgrade your customer interactions.

Pay2Amigos is the perfect payment processing solution for your business.

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