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Payment Processing for Resorts and Hotels has Never Been Easier

Payment Processing for Resorts and Hotels has Never Been Easier

Pay2Amigos offers advanced point-of-sale (POS) options that make booking fast and convenient. Keeping up with lodging reservations is a snap with our versatile systems and excellent customer service.

  • Take advantage of our wide range of payment processing options, including omni-channel payment handling.
  • Rest assured knowing that your custom payment gateway is working to achieve the lowest possible interchange and processing rates for your business.
  • Safeguard your data and your guests’ personal information with optimal security software.

Versatile POS Systems for Any Size Lodging

The hospitality industry combines several complicated aspects of payment processing that can make it difficult for lodging-providers to find a payment processer they can trust. Pay2Amigos offers solutions for your business, whether you are a 5-star luxury hotel or a houseboat that only sees guests six months out of the year. Our POS solutions are secure, affordable, and easy to use for any hospitality merchant, big or small.

Different Processing for Different Guests

Does your current online payment gateway allow for all levels of credit card payment processing? By giving customers the ability to fill out more fields, you give your business the chance to see real savings in the form of different payment processing rates. Pay2Amigos combines excellent information protection with a sleek, modern design, giving customers the best possible payment experience. Here are some of the field options we offer:

  • Reservation Number
  • Additional Services
  • Arrival Date
  • Departure Date

Protect Your Clients with Leading-Edge Security Solutions

PCI-compliance is a subject that Pay2Amigos takes very seriously. By choosing a POS or payment gateway from Pay2Amigos to service your hotel, you are choosing the absolute best the world of digital security has to offer. Our methods and systems are designed specifically to keep your business information and client data completely private, minimizing your risk of data breach and allowing your guests to breathe easy.

Related FAQ

Are pay2amigos’s hotel credit card processing services just for large hotel chains? Or smaller operations?

Our services are scalable and customizable; we’ll work with you whether you regularly fill hundreds of rooms at a chain of luxury resorts or just a handful at your bed and breakfast. Our professionals are experienced and can work with you to make our flexible solutions work for operations of any size — whether you are using a standalone terminal or hotel management software.

Do pay2amigos hotel credit card processing services include online payment options?

Online payment capabilities can be included as part of our comprehensive payment processing solutions. Our online capabilities include payments and reservations.

How many different types of payments will pay2amigos’s payment processing services allow me to accept?

At pay2amigos we work with you to determine your appropriate credit card processing needs and goals. From there, we help you customize a merchant account solution that best fits your business. The various forms of payments you will be able to accept, from credit and debit cards to checks, will depend on your needs.

How difficult is it to get set up with pay2amigos hotel credit card processing?

Identifying your needs and ultimately getting your pay2amigos hotel and motel credit card services set up is simple and affordable. Our all-in-one solution is hassle-free, saving you from having to sink resources into the process and deal with multiple vendors.


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