Car & Truck Rental Processing

A faster way to process automotive rentals with Pay2Amigos payment processing

Payment Processing for Vehicle Rental Merchants

Pay2Amigos offers your customers and automotive rental business simple and safe payment processing solutions.

  • Enjoy the speed of a streamlined transaction process that gets your customers through the rental signup process faster than ever before.
  • Rest easy knowing that Pay2Amigos has integrated top-of-the-line security options into your payment processing system.
  • Customize your business payment plan with the ability to choose from our large collection of services and options.

Real-Time Inventory Statistics for Effortless Rentals

Your business’ customers will often be travelers looking for the fastest way to get to their end destination. Pay2Amigos can put an end to unresponsive point-of-sale systems and outdated inventory numbers with our comprehensive assortment of solutions for your rental car company. With Pay2Amigos, your company will be able to streamline your customer service and offer various payment methods, including payment via mobile or over the telephone.

  • Payment options for customers on the go, including cross-device processing.
  • Highly-responsive point-of-sale systems that are reinforced with today’s latest security software.
  • Integrated payment and inventory analytics so you’re never forced to stall a sale.
  • Rental-specific fields during checkout, including specified rental and return cities and times.

Support for Various Kinds of Vehicles

Your business is versatile, so your payment processing software needs to keep in stride. Pay2Amigos offers customized rental payment options, regardless of your inventory size, number of locations, and type of vehicle rented. While most automotive rental businesses specialize in cars and trucks, we cater to all manner of rental facilities. Pay2Amigos rental payment processing is tailored to your specific business needs.

Absolute Compliance to all PCI and Industry Regulations

Pay2Amigos values both the privacy of you and your customers, and our payment solutions reflect that. Pay2Amigos payment gateways and solutions integrate safety and modernity seamlessly into the payment process.


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