Smartphone Credit Card Processing

Increase sales and customer convenience by accepting credit cards on your smartphone — wherever your business takes you.

Revolutionizing Payment Processing

Mobile EMV credit card processing has transformed modern business by making transactions:

  • Fast – mobile POS transactions are much faster than paper checks and use Wi-Fi and data connections instead of old dial-up technology
  • Portable – businesses can substitute smartphones for bulky credit card machines
  • Affordable – you save money on paper, ink and credit card terminals
  • Environmentally friendly – mobile processing requires fewer resources and produces less waste


  1. BluePay Mobile EMV Processing App
    Getting started is easy! Simply download the BluePay mobile EMV processing app from the App Store or Google Play, connect your mobile app to the BluePay app, pair the encrypted card reader with your smartphone via a Bluetooth® connection, and you’re ready to start accepting credit cards on your phone. Track your transactions easily in the BluePay Gateway.
  2. Clover Go
    First Data’s acquisition of BluePay allows us to expand our offering with the Clover product line. With Clover Go, not only can you process EMV transactions, you can accept NFC payments, too. Download the Android or iOS app, pair the card reader with your smartphone, and the solution works right out of the box.

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