Shopping Cart Integration

BluePay is seamlessly integrated with major shopping carts, making it easier for customers to add and delete items to their purchase as they browse your site.

Integrate Your E-Commerce Merchant Account

As the convenience of online shopping continues to increase, consumers expect flexible payment options and faster checkouts. BluePay can help you integrate your e-commerce merchant account with major shopping carts, streamlining the transaction process for efficient online shopping and accurate reporting.

  • Meet growing customer demands and expectations
  • Streamline the transaction process for more efficient shopping and accurate reporting
  • Comply with PCI standards to ensure the highest level of data security and reduce shopping cart abandonment

BluePay offers its customers the best payment processing solutions in the industry — including our award-winning e-commerce platform/gateway — developed by our award-winning, in-house IT department.


What Is a Shopping Cart?

Think about the cart you wheel through the grocery store each week. You put the products you want in the cart and when you’re finished, you push your cart to the checkout line. The cash register adds up the amounts of your purchases and gives you the total amount due. An e-commerce shopping cart is the virtual equivalent of the grocery cart. You put in your goods and when you’re done, you get the total amount due. It’s that simple.

Getting started with BluePay is simple, too — just contact us today to discuss your e-commerce credit card processing needs, and we’ll get your online account set up and integrated without disrupting your ongoing business procedures.


Related FAQ

What front-end equipment and back-end accounting programs are compatible with BluePay’s restaurant credit card processing services?

BluePay’s flexible retail credit card processing solutions allow you to accept major credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, corporate purchase cards, fleet cards, government cards, large ticket purchases and process levels 1, 2 and 3 transactions.

How can BluePay’s retail services save me money?

Our processing rates for retail are consistently low, rated as low as less than 1 percent. What’s more, our Free Merchant Account Terminal Program makes things affordable if you’re just getting started or need new terminals. We offer the following types of terminals as part of our program: traditional, wireless, EMV and NFC-enabled, mobile and virtual terminals. Furthermore, our card processing terminals are efficient, saving time and improving customer service.

Does the size of my retail establishment matter?

We offer solutions for retailers of all size and scope, selling any kind of products. Our combination of payment flexibility, a wide range of available terminals and PCI compliance allow us to offer the perfect solution for your retail establishment, large or small.

How do BluePay’s retail services increase sales?

By streamlining the retail payment processing system, our services allow you to increase the number of transactions you can perform in a given period of time. As your checkout speed increases and your data verifications become more efficient, your customer service will naturally improve, along with your sales.

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