Mexican Restaurant POS Solution

Pay2Amigos Mexican Restaurant POS SolutionMexican Restaurant

Order to Kitchen In A Few Nanoseconds

You’ve spent money marketing your restaurant in the local community and you’re focused on building a brand that lasts. When the orders start hitting, it’s imperative that the communication from your wait staff to the kitchen is executed efficiently, so that orders aren’t lost, and the right food comes at the right time. Pay2Amigos Mexican Restaurant POS Solution has you covered. Whether orders originate at the table, over the phone, online or by mobile device, all orders are relayed to the kitchen immediately, in organized fashion, so your chefs can cook up delicious entrees for your customers with no delay.

Language Flexibility Made Simple

Pay2Amigos team will work with you to custom design the system exactly the way you need it. For instance, your wait staff may enter orders in English, but the orders can be transmitted to the kitchen staff in Spanish, to reduce human error and keep everyone on the same page. Pay2Amigos Mexican POS Solution helps you keep it organized.

Go Mobile & Add A Personal Touch

Pay2Amigos Mexican POS Solution includes an iPad-based hardware option that enables your wait staff to enter orders table-side. This reduces the amount of time required to service tables, and it provides a personal touch to your customers. If a customer wants to see exactly what the Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Fajita looks like, your server can show an exact picture of the finished meal on the iPad.

Incentive to Return & Build Brand

Reward loyal customers through a custom designed Loyalty Program. Whether you want to reward them with Margaritas  it’s simple to create Loyalty Programs, award points, and process redemption with Pay2Amigos Mexican Restaurant POS Solution. You can also issue and process Gift Cards to foster customer loyalty and build your restaurant’s brand in the community.

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