• Company Profile

  • OWNERSHIP (ownership must equal 50% or more


  • Credit Card Processing Methods

  • Banking Information

  • *if nothing indicated, financial Insitution #1 will be used for all ACH activity. **AUTHORIZATION FOR AUTOMATIC FUNDS TRANSFER (ACH): The Merchant Bank(define on page 1) is authorized to initiate or transmit automatic debit and/or credit card entries and/or check entries to the account identified above and in the provided voided check(if applicable) relating to the above account(**) for all services contemplated under this agreement. Said authority is granted to Merchant Bank's Processor and their agents.

  • Additional Fees and Services (Fees charged as applicable)

  • Merchant may be charged a non-compliance fee of $30 per month for failure to comply with PCI Data Security Standards.


  • Declarations

    I hereby confirm to be the owner of the listed website(s). I further declare to have full control of the website content. I acknowledge and agree that i will not use the Processing system for transactions relating to; 1) Sales made under a different trade name or business affiliation then indicated on this Agreement or otherwise approved by the acquirer in writing; 2)Fines or Penalties of any kind, losses, damages or any other are beyond the Total Sale Price; 3) Any Transaction that violates any law, ordinance, or regulation applicable to my business; 4) Goods which I/we know will be resold by a customer whom i/ we reasonably should know is not ordinary in the business of selling such goods; 5) Sales by third parties; 6) Any other amounts for which a customer has not specifically authorized payment through the acquirer; 7) Cash, traveler's checks, Cash equivalents or other negotiable instruments; or 8) Amounts which do not represent a bona fide sale of goods or services by me / us. I also declare on behalf of the company and on behalf of myself that, to the best knowledge of our knowledge, neither the company nor the website nor myself(or any of us) have ever been involved in excessive chargeback's, fraud or content violation nor have any of the above ever terminated by an acquirer or asked by an acquired to terminate an agreement with a set period of time

  • Background Check and Consumer Report

    An Investigative or consumer report may be made in connection with application. Merchant authorizes any party to the agreement or any of their agents to investigate the reference provided or any other statements or data obtained form merchant and from any of the undersigned personal guarantor(s), or from any person or entity with any financial obligations under this agreement. You have a right, upon written request, to a complete and accurate disclosure of the principal/owner of merchant or as a Guarantor(1) certifies that all information and documents submitted with this Application are true and complete; (2) Authorizes Merchant Bank and/or its affiliates or respective agents to verify any of the information given, including credit references, and to obtain individual and/or business credit reports, including requesting reports form consumer reporting agencies on persons signing below as a principal or owner or Merchant or as a guarantor.