Meat Market POS SYSTEM

meat market

Smart Order Management

The demand for high quality meat cuts will never go away. Americans just love their meat. Staying on top of orders during high traffic periods of the day can be a challenge for any butcher business. Pay2Amigo’s Meat Market POS is designed with a Smart Order Management System, to ensure you always stay on top of your customer orders. Whether orders initiate at the counter or by phone, online or mobile device, each order is routed directly to the kitchen, and you can sort open orders by TYPE at any time, to see exactly what’s open.

Full-Scope Business Solution

Pay2Amigo’s Meat Market Point of Sale Solution is not only a solution for accepting and processing payments. Pay2Amigo’s System is a solution for your entire business. You can manage every aspect of your business from inventory control to order management, accounting, marketing, customer management, legal, HR and more. Stay on top of it all with Pay2Amigo at your side.

Inventory Control

Keeping track of inventory when your team is cutting away a quarter pound at a time can be tricky. Pay2Amigo’s system is intentionally designed to keep your meat market organized. You can track inventory count by weight in real-time, to ensure that you stay stocked up. Set low stock alerts, automate reorder instructions, and manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard.

Smart Scales for Easy Checkout

Much of the product your business moves every day is most likely measured in weight and not by fixed price. Pay2Amigo’s Meat Market Point of Sale Solution has taken this into consideration, and we have integrated scanner-scales, standalone scales and deli scales, to meet the specific needs of your meat market business.

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