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Inventory Management

Inventory Management is a crucial element of success in the liquor industry and our Liquor Store POS software solution is built accordingly. Features include tracking an unlimited number of SKU’s, providing an intuitive format to manage vendor relationships, aiding in Loss Prevention, Case Break Inventory, and the Pay2Amigos Liquor Store POS system will Generate and Receive Purchase Orders. The system generates 100+ reports on every aspect of your business. Knowledge is power and Pay2Amigos point of sale software system organizes your store’s information in a way that makes it easy to make informed decisions to help streamline existing operations and drive future growth.

ID Verification

One of the greatest risks every Liquor Store owner faces is the state licensing process. Securing a license and maintaining it are paramount to success. Pay2Amigos Liquor point of sale system provides store owners with ID Verification Scanners to eliminate the possibility of human error when typing in erroneous birth dates. The Customer ID functionality also links to the point of sale software system’s Customer Database, making it easy to link to Reward/Loyalty Programs and Wholesale/Special Pricing.

Customer Management Tool

From time-to-time, the random out-of-town customer may pop in to purchase a few bottles of wine or spirits while on vacation, but typically a store’s success is built on customers that frequent the establishment on a regular basis, and often it’s worth it to thank them via discounts and loyalty programs. Pay2Amigos Liquor POS system includes a full Loyalty Program and gift card processing to help build brand.

Mix & Match Bottle Pricing

No industry generates as many sales in the Mix & Match category as the beer, wine, and spirits industry. Once you begin to fully leverage Pay2Amigos advanced data analysis and customized reporting functionality, you will have insight into your market’s buying patterns and be able to prepare Mix & Match marketing campaigns to offer your market more of what it wants, thereby increasing sales and profitability.

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