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Smart Order Management System

Cherry Blossom Roll wrapped in a soybean sheet with masa go dripped on top needs to move from the chef directly to the customer’s table. There’s nothing worse than your Chef’s work of art sitting in the expo area for 10 minutes. Pay2Amigos POS Solution will help make sure this never happens. Whether the order initiates from a server on the floor or the phone or online, they each hit the kitchen staff immediately, and you can sort open orders by TYPE to see exactly how many table, delivery or pick-up orders you have at any time.

Manage Inventory Ingredient-Level

The days of 86-ing an entree because you forgot to order ingredients are over. Pay2Amigos Japanese Restaurant POS Solution allows you to track inventory at the ingredient-level, so you always have an accurate read on your stock. Set low stock alerts, manage vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Stay Connected

Pay2Amigos Japanese POS Solution offers an iPad-based hardware option that enables your wait staff to take the point of sale directly to the customer’s table. You can also upload images of your custom creations, so customers can see exactly what each entree looks like. With an internet connection, you can login remotely anywhere, anytime, to keep tabs on your business.

Japanese or English, No Problem

Pay2Amigos Japanese POS Solution includes advanced multi-language functionality. If your kitchen staff speaks Japanese, you can have your wait staff enters orders in English but have them arrive in the kitchen in Japanese. In addition, you can upload images, so that all orders are entered by picture, which removes the language variable completely.

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