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No matter what segment of the hospitality industry you’re active, whether it’s a hotel, cruise ship or theme park, Pay2Amigos unique Hospitality Point of Sale Solution will have you organized in no time. Our System includes a full suite of innovative technology tools to automate your business, so that you can stay on top of a sprawling organization with the swipe and tap of a finger. From accounting to human resources, marketing, sales, inventory management and more, we’ve got you covered.

Manage Ticket Sales & Card Issuance

Pay2Amigos Hospitality POS allows you to create custom programs to issue and track any form of ticket or card. Whether you need to issue cards for a hotel room or tickets for an amusement park ride, Pay2Amigos system will work for you. You can upload your custom design and then print cards and tickets on the spot, making it simple to serve your customers in fashion.

 Mobile, And Serve Customers

Hospitality is all about customer service. Your goal is to create the most compelling experience possible for your customers. Pay2Amigos Hospitality Business POS System helps you do this by offering an iPad-based hardware option that enables your staff to take the point of sale to your customers, no matter where they are. In addition, you can now answer any customer questions anywhere you need to.

Intelligent Marketing Campaigns

Pay2Amigos Hospitality POS Solution includes a robust data analysis engine. The System will track all of your company’s data – financial, employee, customer – and then you can run dozens of customized reports to synthesize this data and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of your business and the preferences of your customers. Utilize these findings to design sales and marketing campaigns to drive the growth of your organization.

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