Hibachi Restaurant POS Solution

Hibachi Restaurant POS is Here!Hibachi Restaurant POS

Inventory Management

Hibachi is much more than just a style of dining. It’s an real experience!! Customers visit your hibachi restaurant for the exhilarating experience that is hibachi. Pay2Amigos smart Hibachi POS Solution helps you deliver the best hibachi experience possible to your customers. The last thing you want is your main chef 86-ing an entree on Saturday night.

Pay2Amigos Inventory Management System allows you to track inventory at the ingredient level to ensure that never happens. Set low stock alerts, manage vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Customized for Your Restaurants Needs

Seating arrangements at a hibachi restaurant are not as simple as a few chairs around a table. Pay2Amigos Hibachi Restaurant POS is designed to adapt to your specific restaurant operation, so you can manage creative seating layouts, and our multi-language function allows your wait staff to enter orders in English but have them routed to the kitchen in Japanese.

Order Management

Tracking incoming and open orders from servers on the floor, phone calls and online entries can be quite the challenge. Pay2Amigos smart Hibachi POS Order Management System routes all orders directly to the kitchen. Then you and your management team can always see open orders and even sort orders by TYPE, so you know exactly how many delivers, pickup or table orders are in process.

Be Strategic with Your Data

Pay2Amigos Hibachi Restaurant POS Solution includes a robust data analysis engine. You can run dozens of reports on every facet of your business. Find out which dishes are selling and which one’s aren’t. Find out what your lunch customers prefer over your dinner customers. And then use this data to create compelling sales and marketing campaigns to drive further growth in your business.

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