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NOTIFICATION OF CHANGE – Notification to a merchant from a receiver’s bank indicating that bank account information provided with a specific transaction was incorrect and includes correct information.

A Notification of Change is created by an RDFI to notify the ODFI that previously valid information contained in a posted entry has become outdated or that information contained in a pre-notification or live transaction is erroneous and should be changed. Many times an NOC occurs because the customer’s bank has merged or been bought by another bank and they have changed the customer’s account or routing number.

Change Codes

 C01 Incorrect bank account number Bank account number incorrect or formatted incorrectlyTime Frame: 2 banking days from original Entry settlement
 C02 Incorrect transit/routing number Once valid transit/routing number must be changed
 C03 Incorrect transit/routing number and  bank account number Once valid transit/routing number must be changed and causes a  change to bank account number structure
 C04 Bank account name change Customer has changed name or ODFI submitted name incorrectly
 C05 Incorrect payment code Entry posted to demand account should contain savings payment  codes or vice versa
 C06 Incorrect bank account number and  transit code Bank account number must be changed and payment code  should indicate posting to another account type  (demand/savings)
 C07 Incorrect transit/routing number,  bank account number and payment  code Changes required in three fields indicated
 C09 Incorrect individual ID number Individual’s ID number is incorrect
 C10 Incorrect company name Company name is no longer valid and should be changed.
 C11 Incorrect company identification Company ID is no longer valid and should be changed
 C12 Incorrect company name and company ID Both the company name and company id are no longer valid and  must be changed

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