Furniture Store POS Solution

Furniture Store

Keep Your Team on Track

Furniture doesn’t tend to sell itself. Sure, you get the random customer who walks in, picks out what they want, and proceeds to the checkout counter. But that’s the exception, and not the rule. As a rule, your sales team is the lifeblood of the company. Turning prospects into customers is the skill that you’re high performing sales people have developed. Pay2Amigo’s Furniture Store POS Solution includes custom designed functionality to track your sales team’s efforts, so you can make adjustments when necessary.

Order More of What’s is Selling, And What’s Not

Effective inventory management is a crucial aspect of the furniture business. Pay2Amigo’s Furniture POS includes a smart Inventory Management System that provides a comprehensive tool kit to manage every aspect of your inventory. Set low stock alerts so you never miss a sale, manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and analyze data to refine your inventory management strategy with dozens of analytical reports.


Customers often spend more time in a furniture store relative to other retail businesses. As a part of the shopping and buying experience, customers will always have questions about the pieces on your showroom floor, and they’ll often want to know what the available color and style options are. Pay2Amigo’s iPad-based hardware option enables your sales people to take the point of sale anywhere in the store to close business.

Intelligent Marketing and Branding

Pay2Amigo’s Furniture Store POS includes a dynamic data analysis engine that transforms all your captured customer data into powerful customized reports. These reports will give you the informed position you need to design effective targeted sales and marketing campaigns that address your market’s buying and shopping habits. In addition, Pay2Amigo’s System includes Loyalty Program functionality to reward your top customers.

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