Stay on Top of It All

The explosive health trend over the last 10 years in America has turned consumer appetite away from ice cream to healthier options like frozen yogurt and custard.  Yogurt Shop Owner/Operator, you know that efficiency is the name the of the game. If you’re on top of it, business works. When you fall behind, it can be painful. Pay2Amigos Yogurt Store Point of Sale Solution is designed to keep you organized and on top of every facet of your business, so that you can continue to drive growth, year in and year out.

Employee Training

With a young workforce constantly on the move, you’re point of sale solution need to incorporate an easy training program, so you can bring new employees up to speed in minimal time. Pay2Amigos Yogurt Shop Point of Sale Solution is designed to address this dynamic. New employees will be up to speed in no time with Pay2Amigos intuitive user interface and internal training protocol.

Turn Customers into Loyal Fans

Customer engagement is paramount to success for any yogurt business. You need repeat customers and families that frequent your establishment on a regular basis. Pay2Amigos Yogurt POS Solution includes a robust customer engagement program that will help you design customer profiles, capture customer information, analyze buying habits, design Customer Loyalty Programs, and market directly to your fan base.

Develop Corporate Strategy 

Pay2Amigos Yogurt POS Solution includes a powerful data analysis engine. The system will run dozens of reports on every facet of your business, so that you can synthesize your company’s data and develop corporate growth strategies based on your company’s current strengths and weaknesses. Knowledge is power and Pay2Amigos will keep you in the know.

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