Fine Dining POS Solution


Fine Dining POS

Make It Personal

As a fine dining establishment, your brand matters. One proven method to build brand for the long-term is to grow and nurture lasting connections with your loyal customers. Pay2Amigos Fine Dining POS Solution is designed with this thought in mind. You can develop individual customer profiles and begin to capture important information, such as birthdays and anniversaries, so you can offer a personal touch to your service. In addition, utilize Pay2Amigos House Account feature to capture information on your larger corporate accounts and big spenders, so you can treat them with exceptional service.

Pay2Amigos Technology Is Your Friend

Your job isn’t only to deliver great food. You also have to create an environment that tells your customers this is the place to experience true fine dining. Pay2Amigos Fine Dining POS Solution is here to help. Manage tables, reservations, special requests, split checks, track tips and more with ease.


Pay2Amigos Fine Dining Restaurant POS Solution includes an iPad-based hardware option that turns your wait staff into mobile point of sale locations. Now, it’s simple to take orders directly at the table. Further, your chef has been hard at work all day creating the night’s special. Simply upload the image and you can show your customers exactly what the night’s special looks like or any other item on the menu.

Robust Front to Back Solution

Pay2Amigos Fine Dining Restaurant POS Solution takes your entire business operation into account. Of course, it has all of the front-office bells and whistles we’ve described, but it also has robust back office tools, so you can manage your entire business from one simple software platform. Set and manage employee schedules, schedule wine or entree tastings, manage all accounting processes and manage all vendor relationships with intuitive ease.

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