Drive-Thru POS Solution

Pay2Amigos POS Solution Delivers Convenience

Speed’s is the GameDrive-Thru POS Solution

No one ever entered a drive-thru lane because they hoped it would take a long time. Drive-Thru windows are designed to be a quick and convenient method of serving your customers. Pay2Amigos Drive-Thru POS Solution helps you get the job done in efficient fashion by addressing every aspect of the drive-thru experience. At the heart of the system is a lightning fast processing core that relays customer orders to the kitchen, processes customer payment, and organizes food delivery, so that you experience no downtime and each visit to the window is as short as possible.

Go Mobile & Go Outside The Lines

During high traffic rush periods, Pay2Amigos Drive-Thru Mobile POS functionality enables your wait staff to go outside and take customer orders directly at the car. By taking orders and processing payment at the car, the drive-thru window is transformed into a simple food delivery point, and wait times are considerably reduced.

Face-To-Face Customer Service

Most drive-thru operations are voice activated, so that customers are communicating with a disembodied voice blaring through a sub-optimal speaker system. Pay2Amigos POS Solution includes a mobile hardware system that enables your in-store operators to communicate face-to-face via live video speed. This personal touch goes a long way to building your brand and customer loyalty.

Inventory Management 

Pay2Amigos Drive-Thru Mobile POS System includes a robust Inventory Management System that will have you on top of your inventory needs like never before. Set low stock alerts, manage inventory at the ingredient-level, generate and receive purchase orders, and manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard. Stay on top of it all with Pay2Amigos smart solution.

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