Integration Selector

We offer a variety of flexible tools that support a wide range of infrastructures. Using a combination of our tools allows you to integrate your payment processing and consolidate your vendors. The Integration Selector helps you figure out which of our tools are best for you.

Because this can get complicated rather quickly, we offer you the decision tree below to help you figure which of our tools are appropriate for you:

After you go through the decision tree, we’ll take you to the next step to help you integrate your payment processes using the tools that give you a secure payment environment tailored to your unique needs.

Didn’t find what you’re looking for? We’re keeping things simple here. Before you write code, get in touch with our Developers. It’s likely that we’ve got tools that can get you there faster.

SSL on your web server?
Prefer that credit card information be posted to your web server?

Do you want to host payment form?

If you need a plug-in, we offer many Payment Modules


If you simply need Hosted Payment Forms you’ve got Two Choices

Can’t find what you’re
looking for? We can help.

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