You’re welcome to browse our sample code. It’s organized by category to step you through the most common scenarios:

1. Transactions supports advanced scenarios such as canceling transactions, returning funds, sending data, using tokens, and storing information on Pay2Amigos.

2. Get data helps you use web hooks and get transaction and settlement data.

3. Recurring payments allows you to establish and maintain recurring payments.

4. Hosted Payment Forms offers two options:

Please be advised that the sample code is simply that – a sample. Modification may be necessary to achieve the desired results. Pay2Amigos does not guarantee or warrant success in implementing the sample code on your development platform or in your own configuration.

Additional features not demonstrated in the sample are available. In order to maximize the performance of Pay2Amigos payment processing solutions and ensure the most accurate transaction data, we recommend that you review the full API documentation.

Sandbox accounts for testing are available by request.

We’ve kept things simple here. So, if you don’t see what you need, get in touch. We would be happy to help you get it done faster with less code.

When you’re ready, Testing offers a checklist and data values to use to support your integration process.

Contact a Pay2Amigos Developer when you’re ready to set up your Sandbox Account.

If you only need a plug-in, check out Pay2Amigos’s Payment Modules to connect 3rd party applications and hardware.

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