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You Want an Application Programming Interface (API) That Handles Your Online Payment Requirements Seamlessly
We Know. We Get It.

Accepting payments online can get complex, the code shouldn’t be. This is why we’ve designed our payment API to be as intuitive as possible — whether you’re a novice or an experienced programmer. At Pay2Amigos we offer three separate ways to integrate secure payment technology into your platform.


Install Plugin

Embed a Payment Form

Full Integration

Let’s get started.

Where you begin depends on what you need. Pick the option that’s right for you, and we’ll take you through each step of the way award-winning technical team is here to help if you ever get stuck.

After you figure out what you need, we’ll support you through testing, complete with a dedicated sandbox account that allows you to do dry runs with your API payment processing system. Pay2Amigos is recognized for excellence in data quality standards.,

We’ll also help you activate your account once you’re ready to take your payment system live.

Command Line Module

Want to give us a try? Copy and paste this code into a command line. Our platform is designed and built to handle transactions your way. Whether it’s handling payments through a simple command line application or integration into your ERP system, we’ve got you covered.


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