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See it All, All the Time

The delivery business can be messy when it gets out of hand. Drivers moving all over town during high traffic periods, customers giving the wrong address, and facilitating payments at customer houses are typical pain points for any delivery-focused business. At Pay2Amigos, we understand these dynamics, and we’ve responded by offering a custom designed point of sale solution to address every aspect of the delivery business. The Pay2Amigos Delivery Store POS System allows you to dictate valid delivery areas, send GPS instructions to drivers, track mileage per trip, communicate with driver’s in-route and even ban customers who cause trouble.

Mobile Payments 

Our iPad-based hardware option makes it easy for your drivers to take the point of sale with them on the road. This makes it easy to accept all forms of payment from your customers, and Pay2Amigos lightning fast checkout process makes it easy to process payments even in the most remote locations.

Check on  Your Drivers 

Pay2Amigos Delivery POS Solution includes a robust reporting engine, so you can run several reports to gauge business activity and see where there are areas for improvement. It’s also quite simple to run driver reports, so you can see who’s performing and who needs more coaching and management.

Make  Customers Happy

Not only will Pay2Amigos Delivery Store POS System have your delivery business running smooth, but our advanced data analysis engine provides you with important information regarding customer buying habits, so that you can craft effective sales and marketing campaigns to drive further sales growth. Create Customer Loyalty Programs, award points, and redeem them with ease.

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