Pay2Amigos Concession POS Solution.CONCESSION POS SYSTEM

No Need To Stress When The Crowd Hits

When the halftime buzzer sounds, it’s a mad rush for the concession stands. Within a moment, the lines at each of your stations may swell to 20 or 30-deep. In this type of environment, it’s of paramount importance that your operation is outfitted with a Point of Sale Solution designed to keep the madness at bay. Pay2Amigos Concession Point of Sale is designed to do just that. Our intuitive order entry system, lightning fast routing system and insanely fast checkout processing functionality will have your staff processing customer orders faster, more accurately, and more efficiently than ever before.

Inventory Management 

When you’re moving hundreds or even thousands of hot dogs and hamburgers per event, it’s imperative that you’re on top of inventory all the time. Pay2Amigos smart Inventory Management System allows you to track inventory at the ingredient-level, in real time, so you never run out of what you need. Set low stock alerts, manage all vendor relations in a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Mobile To Break The Lines

You may have a limited number of stations in the arena, but that doesn’t mean you have a limited number of POS stations. Pay2Amigos iPad-based solution enables your staff to take the point of sale to the crowds, in order to take orders anytime, anywhere. You can now break the lines up, take orders anywhere, print tickets, and direct customers to the pick-up area.

Data For All Aspects of Your Business

Pay2Amigos Concession Point of Sale Solution includes a robust data analysis engine. You can run dozens of reports on every aspect of your business, to determine exactly what you’re doing that’s working and what you’re doing that’s not. Make adjustments, market with intelligence, and create winning growth strategies based on solid data.

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