Coffee Shop POS System

Pay2Amigos Coffee Shop POS SystemCoffee Shop POS System

Drive Margins Higher and Costs Lower

Pay2Amigos Coffee Point of Sale Solution is not simply a system designed to take cappuccino orders. It’s a system intentionally designed to grow your coffee business. Our team has thought through every aspect of a coffee shop operation, and we’ve developed a suite of technology tools that will have your business running more efficiently than ever. Manage your entire front and back office operation – sales, marketing, inventory control, accounting, HR, legal and more all from a single tech platform.

Inventory Management

Pay2Amigos smart Inventory Management System allows you to track inventory at the ingredient-level. You can track what’s selling and what’s not, and then refine your inventory management strategy to capitalize on customer habits. Set low stock alerts, manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Build Brand

Coffee shops rely heavily on repeat business. Fortunately, you sell a product that’s addicting! Pay2Amigos Coffee Point of Sale Solution enables you to create Customer Loyalty Programs, so that you can track your repeat customers, and reward them with food and drinks. You can also directly to these customers with special offers and discounts, just to say thank you and continue to build your brand.

Management Performing at High Levels

Pay2Amigos Coffee POS robust reporting engine enables you to run reports on all facets of your business, so you can see exactly who’s performing and who’s not. Don’t let minor management issues, like missed shifts, or late attendance, turn into systemic issues in your company’s culture. Pay2Amigos system will keep you informed on your management’s performance, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

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