Clothing Store POS System

clothing store

The Movement

Hundreds of customers in and out the door every day. Truck shipments and deliveries multiple times a day. The movement in a retail clothing store is non-stop and staying on top of it all can be almost impossible. Pay2Amigo’s Clothing Store POS System is the answer! Our hardware and software solution address all the typical pain points in a retail clothing operation. Our solution will have you spending less time putting out fires and more time driving increased value for your customers.

Inventory Management

With hundreds, or even thousands, of items in stock at any one time, coupled with seasonal changes every few weeks, inventory management really is the name of the game in the clothing industry. Our Style Matrix allows you to seamlessly organize any matrix of clothing size, style and color, and it’s easy to manage centralized inventory across multiple stores to ensure you’re not overstocked or understocked at the corporate level.

Market with Intelligence

Data is super important in today’s competitive environment. Capturing the data, analyzing it, and making intelligent decisions is key to a successful marketing campaign. Pay2Amigo’s Clothing Store POS System makes it easy to track customer’s shopping habits and develop sales and marketing campaigns via Email Marketing and Customer Loyalty Programs.

Lightning Fast Checkout

There are few things more annoying than sitting in a checkout line 15 people deep that moves at a snail’s pace. Pay2Amigo’s Clothing POS System will keep your customers happy with its lightning fast checkout speed. In addition, you can send your employees out on the floor with iPad in hand to take the point of sale to the customer and help speed things up.

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