Choosing the Right POS System

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How to Pick the Right POS System !choosing

A point of sale (POS) system can be a great tool to your business. Capable of far more than simply taking credit cards, POS systems offer features like inventory management, reporting, and even time clock options.

In my work for Pay2Amigos, a leading resource for small and large businesses looking for credit card processing and terminals, I regularly test, research, and write overviews of equipment. As a result, I field a lot of questions about POS systems.

The number one question always comes up: “There are so many options. How do I choose?”

The good news is that picking the right POS system doesn’t have to be a chore.

Follow these three steps to find the right POS system for your business.

  1.  Know what’s most important to you?

There are two approaches to deciding on a POS system: choosing based on features or choosing based on costs.

Choosing by features

If features are the most important thing, you should choose a POS system first. But if low costs are a priority, you’ll want to find a credit card processor, then choose from the POS systems that processor can support.

Know which features you need!

When I say that you should find your POS system first if specific features are most important, I’m talking about less common features. POS systems offer basic capabilities standard, including credit and debit card acceptance, reporting, and inventory management. For restaurants, the ability to split checks and add tips is also common.

So, what sort of features do you need to look for specifically?

Here are the main ones:

  • Online ordering for in-person pickup (restaurants)
  • Delivery tracking for food or non-food businesses (pizza shops, florists)
  • Age verification/ID prompt (liquor stores, tobacco sales)
  • Integrated appointment or class calendars (healthcare, beauty salons, yoga studios)

If those features sound like must-haves for your business, it’s worth finding your preferred system first. Be sure to explicitly ask the Pay2Amigos if the feature you need is included .

Choosing by cost

If you scanned the list above and decided that standard POS system features will suit your needs, finding a processor first is likely to save you time and money. While POS systems (and costs to take credit cards) aren’t cheap, you may be able to reduce expenses by finding a competitive credit card processor and then choosing your system from the available options.

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