Chinese Restaurant POS

 Chinese POS System will Help your Restaurant’s Business Chinese Restaurant POS

Mobile, But Be Present

Pay2Amigos mobile hardware option enables your servers to take the point of sale directly to customers at any table. This functionality reduces customer table time, which increases table turn per shift, which inevitably results in more income, and more cash flow. In addition, you can now stay on top of your business, no matter where you are. Whether you are out of the restaurant for the day, or on holiday enjoying the fruits of your spoils, you can keep tabs on your management team and ensure everything is being looked after as it should be.

Yes, We Speak Your Language

Pay2Amigos Chinese Restaurant POS System is designed to function just the way you need it to. That means you can enter orders in English and have them print in Chinese, Traditional or Simplified, in the kitchen.We can also set up your system so the order-entry function is in pictures, which often speeds up the process considerably.

Manage Multiple Locations

Pay2Amigos Chinese Restaurant POS Solution is your one-stop-shop. If you currently own more than location, or intend to expand in the future, Pay2Amigos system is the answer. You can manage multiple retail outlets from one single software platform. This flexibility allows you to stay on top of a complicated organization.

All the Bells & Whistles

Pay2Amigos Chinese POS Solution is designed to provide you a single platform to manage every aspect of your business. That means we’ve got you covered from front to back. Integrate online orders with in-store orders, track deliveries and delivery drivers, stay on top of take-out orders, and manage all of your back-office accounting, employee schedules and more with Pay2Amigos intelligent system.

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