Cafeteria POS System


Cafeteria POS System Is Here!

Manage with Easy

Managing cafeterias is no easy task. You may be hundreds or even thousands of folks filing through your cafeteria every day. It takes an incredible amount of food prep and operational management to pull this off every single day.  Pay2Amigos Cafeteria POS Solution is designed to address every aspect of your cafeteria operation, so you can run at a level of efficiency never experienced before. Our Solution provides you with a full suite of technology tools to manage your entire front and back office from the point of sale to marketing, menus, accounting, employee management, inventory control, legal and more.

Manage Employees

To make your operation more efficient, you’ll need to empower managers and shift leads to take on added responsibility. Pay2Amigos Cafeteria Point of Sale Solution makes it easy to grant customized administrative access to any of your employees. You can set schedules, monitor arrival times, and track employee performance. Keep engaged with your employees even when you’re not present through your remote login access.

Keep Inventory In-Check

Preparing hundreds or thousands of meals today is a heavy lift for even the most seasoned managers. Pay2Amigos smart Inventory Management System keeps you on top of your inventory count at all times, even in real-time. You can track inventory at the ingredient-level, schedule meal prep, manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Lightning-Fast Checkout

Just like security lines at the airport, your cafeteria is going to have lines. That’s simply the nature of the business. However, the lines don’t have to move at a snail’s pace. Pay2Amigos Cafeteria Point of Sale Solution accepts credit, debit, cafeteria cards, cash and mobile payments, and the systems processing power will have you checking out customers faster than ever.

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