Cafe POS System

Cafe POS System

Pay2Amigos Cafe POS System Is Here!

Inventory Management

Buying beans from South America, Africa or a local roaster, keeping track of inventory can be overwhelming. Pay2Amigos intelligent Inventory Management System turns it into a breeze by allowing you and your team to track all inventory at the ingredient-level. Your kitchen will never have to 86 a lunch or dinner entree again. Set low stock alerts, manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease. You can also set automatic orders with your vendors when available stock hits a pre-defined threshold to literally put your inventory management on autopilot.

Market with Insight

Pay2Amigos Cafe Point of Sale Solution includes a robust data analysis engine that captures and synthesizes all your company’s data. Find out which drinks and food items are selling and which one’s aren’t. Find out when your low traffic periods are, and then utilize all this data to create effective sales and marketing campaigns by running dozens of customized reports to keep you informed.

Mobile, But Stay Connected

Pay2Amigos iPad-based hardware option enables your wait staff to take the point of sale anywhere on the café floor, or outside, or even to local events. This makes it easy to break up long lines during rush hour and to offer personalized services to your customers. The mobile feature also allows you to access the system anytime, anywhere, so you can stay connected and monitor your team’s performance. Plus, Pay2Amigos Pay at The Table helps turn Tables Faster and Helps the Bottom Line of your Business

Customer Loyalty Program

Repeat customers are the ones who keep our cafes alive and well. Connect better with Pay2Amigos Cafe Point of Sale Solution. You can create several Customer Loyalty Programs to award points to your loyal patrons, and then process redemption and even offer Gift Cards and other incentives at your discretion.

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