BBQ Restaurant POS

BBQ Restaurant POS System can Handle Pretty much Everything else. BBQ Restaurant POS

Front to Back: We’ve Got You Covered

Your food is delicious. The delightful aroma of fresh barbecue lights up your establishment. Delivering quality entrees, however, is just one variable in the equation of an exceptional dining experience. Pay2Amigos BBQ Restaurant POS Solution is designed to support every aspect of your business, except for the actual cooking and grilling. If you have a handle on that, we’ll tackle the rest. Our system will have your wait staff and back-office operations team performing at a level of efficiency that will have your jaw dropping in no time.

Empower Your Wait Staff & Kitchen

Pay2Amigos BBQ POS Solution includes an iPad-based hardware option that enables your servers to take the point of sale directly to the table and enter orders table side. This also makes it easy to ring up orders at catering events, local shows, and other community events. In addition, whether orders originate at the table, by phone, online, or mobile device, they all hit the kitchen in organized fashion.

Inventory Management Made Simple

Inventory Management is a breeze with Pay2Amigos BBQ Restaurant POS Solution. You can track inventory by the ingredient, set low stock alerts to ensure you never have to 86 an entree, manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard, and generate and receive purchase orders with ease.

Go Mobile, But Stay Present

Pay2Amigos BBQ POS Solution makes it easy to set access levels for each user, so you can empower your management team to manage your business, with your oversight in place. It’s simple to keep tabs on your business when you’re away from the restaurant. All you need is an internet connection, and you can log in to see the shift’s performance, manage employee schedules, run accounting reports, and more.

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