Bar and Nightclub POS Solution

#1 Point of Sale Solutions for Bar or Nightclub Maximize Profits & EfficiencyBar and Nightclub POS Solution

Lightning Fast Transaction Speeds

Our Bar and Nightclub POS Solution! The last thing you need as a bar or nightclub owner is an outdated point of sale system. On Saturday, when there’s a few hundred people in your establishment and 100+ open tabs, you need a system that works at the speed of light and keeps your business organized from front to back. Pay2Amigos Bar and Nightclub POS does just that. Our state-of-the-art technology processes transactions in seconds, and that’s just the beginning. Our POS Solution addresses every aspect of your business. With us, you’ll be organized and on top of everything, all the time.

Track Inventory & Liquor Levelsdreamstime_m_22983283

Keep your cash flow strong by tracking liquor levels and inventory with precision. Over pours can add up quick, not to mention the random free drink given out to the wait staff’s friends from time to time. Pay2Amigos smart Inventory Management System always keeps you informed. Set low stock alerts to ensure you never run out of any ingredients and manage all vendor relationships from a single dashboard.

Bar and Nightclub POS Features You Need

Pay2Amigos Bar and Nightclub POS Solution is designed specifically to address pain points to your business. We’ve designed several features to ensure your bartenders and wait staff are empowered to perform at high levels of efficiency. Whether it’s splitting tabs, keeping track of tips, verifying customer age, or allowing customers to open tabs and keep their cards, we’ve thought through the details and designed a winning solution.

Go Mobile

If the lines get crazy on Friday and Saturday night at the bar, you can now take the point of sale anywhere on the floor with Pay2Amigos Bar POS Solution. Break up the long lines by meeting customers out on the floor. The mobile feature isn’t relegated to a defined space, either. That means you can take Pay2Amigos system to local events and set up shop anywhere you need to.

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